Audio Mastering Suite

Our Audio Mastering Suite with connected Isolation Room.

AVID S6 Control Surface

The next generation of control for your audio project.

Some of our Mic Preamps

Avalon, Chandler, Neve and API Mic Preamps

Isolation Room

Our Isolation Room with some of our equipment

Integration, Flexibility, Efficiency.

Our creative philosophy is echoed throughout every production area of our studio.  From the AVID S6 Control Surface, the  selection of the plug-ins that we use, even the extent that we designed the patch panels that connect our outboard gear to our different production areas.   Every single decision was made to be able to provide the tools and work-flows with the greatest flexibility and efficiencies to complete your project, On time and in budget


Our team offers all around audio services for your project. Specializing in Mixing and Mastering and Production. We offer quick turn around time and a professional approach to you and your project. Communication is priority and we make sure your experience is satisfactory.

Our Services Include

Professional Mixing & Mastering • Custom Production • Song Writing • Adding Live Instrumentation to your Work  • Production and Scoring for Movies, TV , Video and Commercials • Surround Sound Mixing and Mastering • Audio Enhancement & Manipulation and just about anything else you can think of that requires expertise with audio.

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Using the latest in digital and analog technologies we offer a unique blend of old school and new school to achieve the best recording possible.

Our live room is perfect for recording a full band and to give  acoustic instruments the space to sound perfect.  The Isolation room is the optimal place for focusing on vocals and composing.

Post Production

Using the best of digital and analog work-flows our engineers will make your projects sound amazing.  Mixing and Mastering tracks that are recorded here or from any source using the best tools in the industry.


Mixing and Mastering services for Music, TV, film, Video and Presentations. Standard stereo mastering to full surround sound.



Utilizing  the most advanced tools in the industry to deliver your story on time and in budget.