NewTek Tricaster 8000.

Our Live Broadcasting Powerhouse.

Soundcraft Si Performer 3.

Uncompromising Live Sound.

NewTek Talkshow

Skype TX.. Skype to the power of Broadcast. We have several of these units for multiple guests

Integrating all of our production suites together gives us the ability reduce costs and increase efficiencies through time savings and streamlined work flows

Tighter Budgets:

From governments to corporations, tighter budgets are a reality that we all have to deal with in todays world. Taking advantage of technical integration and streamlined work-flows allow us to keep our budgets tighter and helps keep yours tighter as well.

Shrinking Time-frames:

Time frames and windows of opportunity are continuing to shrink, put more stress and straining resources to the breaking point. Our unified technical approach to managing your story enables our team to work on every aspect and pull any asset needed to complete your story in the shortest time frame possible.

Increasing Complexity:

The world of marketing and branding has gotten increasingly complex over the years. A single media outlet is no longer effective, having to deliver stories in an ever growing number of formats and locations. Taking advantage of our unified asset management, we can generate your content, in any format, quickly and efficiently.

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