NewTek Tricaster 8000.

Our Live Broadcasting Powerhouse.

NewTek Talkshow

Skype TX.. Skype to the power of Broadcast. We have several of these units for multiple guests

Soundcraft Si Performer 3.

Uncompromising Live Sound.
From concept to air, New Jersey Live Studios delivers a live broadcast experience unlike any other. Leveraging our advanced integration, work-flows, virtual staging, virtual guest and broadcast systems we deliver amazing broadcasts on time and in budget.
We can enhance and clarify your presentation with virtually unlimited overlays allowing you to provide more information in less time while utilizing transitions and visual effects to create a more dramatic and engaging look.

A Small Sample.

Here is a recording of a short broadcast showing just some of the virtual sets, overlays, textual information and visual effects that we can provide to enhance your broadcast.


The New Jersey Live Studios Difference

We know about virtual presentations and usually run the other way screaming. Virtual presentations are boring, so why not make your story different! Talk to us about turning it into a live event with guests or even a band. We can have you work live from our broadcast studio, or add you live from any location you choose. Using Skype and our specialized hardware we can have you appear seamlessly on set from anywhere.

Whats your platform?

With our Virtual staging you have the opportunity of picking out your stage, Whether its a warm, welcoming stage with lots of wood like a late night talk show or a brightly lit performance stage – we’ve got you covered. Every aspect of your stage can be customized the way you want!

Make the connection

Take your message to the next level! Make the connection with a live audience in a meaningful, entertaining way that will capture their attention and have them remember your story.

We've helped our customers tell amazing stories

Contact us to find out what we can do for yours!

Tell your story


Imagine being able to present yourself on a stage to an unlimited number of viewers.  Now picture being able to do that from your house, or from a hotel room…Anywhere!

Hollywood on your desk

Our Virtual Kit

Using our specialized kit with your computer or even just a tablet or smart phone. We can bring you into the broadcast from anywhere and make you look like your anywhere else.

Live or Virtual Guests

In todays media market the need for having an interactive show with special guests and live fan interaction has become a necessity. You can have virtual guests, or we can host guests here at our studio.

Utilizing  the most advanced tools in the industry to deliver your story on time and in budget.