Live Remote Virtual Broadcast

Remote Virtual Production and Broadcasting for today’s challenging world.

A safe way to create and deliver hi resolution Digital media for Commercials, presentations, music, news, and sports.

As a provider of Live content for CNN, Fox and NSMBC. we have been in the virtual broadcasting business for five years and in live production business for over 25 years.


In today’s world, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we need an alternative production solution.

Using 3D virtual environments allowing anybody, from musicians to speakers, News/sports, talk shows and mixed reality developers and stage production. Producing live content with talent from anywhere on the globe.

Our newest version is almost ready, immersive VR, bringing the audience into the production with the talent, immersing them into an environment that will educate and entertain them in ways we have not seen up to now.

A Space For Creators

Live broadcast and post-production studio focusing on the needs of production companies, producers, broadcasters, performers, and you.

We believe that using the latest technologies with highly integrated and automated production methods delivers the highest quality product in today’s creative world. A live broadcast studio, world-class audio recording and mastering suite, visual effects suites, facial and full-body Mocap all in-house and vertically integrated to make an efficient and dynamic creative facility unlike any other.

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New Jersey Live Studios

Next-generation production/post-production and live broadcast studio. focusing on the needs of broadcasters, producers, performers and You