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Live Broadcast

Connecting to your Audience is important, and today the best way of doing that is live.

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Audio Services

A new approach to bring New and Old School recording together.

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Video Services

Utilizing the most advanced tools in the industry to deliver your story.

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A New Media, Audio, Video and Live Broadcasting Studio.

The Garden States most advanced production, post-production and live broadcast studio focusing on the needs of production companies, broadcasters, performers, producers, medical/pharmaceutical, Industry and corporate needs

To address the needs of today’s creative world efficiency is key. Integrating a live broadcast studio, world class audio recording and mastering suite, video editing, visual effects all under one roof.

New Jersey Live Studios is uniquely positioned to address today’s challenges Efficiently, Effectively, and Affordably.


Merging the creative capabilities of our Audio Production, Video production and live broadcast studios with our Visual Effects department into one unified service. We can deliver your project in any format with unrivaled efficiency, quality and professionalism.


Bringing the individual branches of production under one roof with an integrated, streamlined work-flow and a single point of contact. We remove the bottle necks typically found in multi-content projects. This allows us to deliver your project in less time and with greater control over the final product.


Integrating every aspect of live broadcast, visual and audio production saves time and simplifies production. Reducing the costs of production. Saving you money.

Located just twenty minutes from New York City in the Montclair, New Jersey, area.

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