Remote Virtual Production and Broadcasting

A safe way to create and deliver content for Commercials, presentations, music, news, sports.

The Pop-up Studio Service

Now everything you need to take part in a truly immersive experience.

You call in from your device, and we process the call through our HQ Skype TX or HD SDI system. You are projected directly into your virtual set environment. It’s easy, inexpensive, and it looks incredible. Never before has this technology been available until now.

Our Technology 

We can now bring anyone or object into a virtual stage environment, with up to eight Cameras. We also instruct you on how to get their location stage prepared so you get the best look and sound possible. Think of us like we are the virtual media control room, engineering your virtual broadcast, etc. We have corporate, Broadcast, and real-time production packages available.

To create these incredible virtual sets we use a collection of leading-edge technology solutions, all working seamlessly together.

  • BrainStorm Suite
  • Unreal Engine
  • Autodesk
  • NewTek
  • Avid


Skype TX technology provides production quality video from almost any source. 


Our offering is a completely cloud-based solution.  All of your talent and even our staff are all remote.


Using virtual sets dramatically reduces costs vs traditional set options


Pick one of our stock virtual sets, customize a set to fit your brand, or custom-built from the ground up anything is possible. 

Stock Sets

We are constantly working on new sets

All of our stock sets can be completely customized to reflect your unique brand. Use one of our stock sets as a stepping off point to create your own custom set.

Conference Room

Executive Office


Impact Broadcast Studio

Cozy Talk Show

Large Talk Show

Festival Performance Stage

Out Door Concert

Western Saloon

Deluxe Kitchen

Let's work together

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