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We know about virtual presentations and usually run the other way screaming. Virtual presentations are boring, so why not make your story different! Talk to us about turning it into a live event with guests or even a band. We can have you work live from our broadcast studio or add you live from any location you choose. Using Skype and our specialized hardware, we can have you appear seamlessly on set from anywhere.

What’s your platform?

With our Virtual staging you have the opportunity of picking out your stage, whether it’s a warm, welcoming stage with lots of wood like a late-night talk show or a brightly lit performance stage–we’ve got you covered. We can customize every aspect of your stage the way you want!

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Take your message to the next level! Connect with a live audience in a meaningful, entertaining way that will capture their attention and have them remember your story.

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New Jersey Live Studios

Next-generation production/post-production and live broadcast studio, focusing on the needs of broadcasters, producers, performers, and you.