Live Virtual Broadcast

If you’re looking for a better way to present your product, service, or music. Then virtual mobile broadcasting is the ticket to a new and entertaining way to get your music or message to your audience.

As a broadcaster of Live news interviews for CNN, Fox and NSNBC. we have been in the mobile News broadcasting business for five years now and in the audio video live production business for over 25 years.

In today’s world, with the COVID-19 epidemic, we need a new solution than ordinary square flat video images, which can only do so much. Here at Nj Live Studios, we have been working on virtual mobile broadcasting for the last 5 years, and we are happy to announce our new 2.0 virtual broadcast system. Which will allow anybody from their locations, from musicians to speakers, commercial developers, And short films. Version three is almost ready, which will enable us to bring this into VR, which will allow the audience to be in the room with the entertainers or presenters, immersing them into a surreal environment that will educate and entertain them in ways we have not seen up to know.

A Studio Space For Creators

The Garden States most advanced production, post-production and live broadcast studio focusing on the needs of production companies, producers, broadcasters and  performers and you.

We believe that highly integrated and automated production methods delivers the highest quality product in today’s creative world. A Live broadcast studio, world class audio recording and mastering suite, visual effects suites, facial and full body mocap all vertically integrated to make an efficient and dynamic creative facility

Virtual worlds connected

In today’s world it’s more accessible to connect with others virtually.

It’s even sometimes preferred with our youth. With this technology it will bring all generations more connected than ever before. Where no matter the pandemic on this planet, we will be one studio click away from joining in personal virtual communication. This would help our feeling of detachment from our colleagues when we work and our friends when we talk.

Think Different

Delivering Excellence in production space

Solutions for every type of production

From Live broadcast video to audio mixing and mastering, New Jersey Live Studios is unique studio providing every service you need to produce world class content.


Live Broadcast

3D and Gaming


Audio Tracking and Mastering

Music Videos


Our Film & TV Studio offers the creative industries a unique complement of world class facilities, services and expertise.

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Let's work together

Your project deserves the best. Lets discuss how we can achieve it.

New Jersey Live Studios

Next-generation production/post-production and live broadcast studio. focusing on the needs of broadcasters, producers, performers and You